Sunday, November 07, 2010


Well here's the's really a shame I don't update my blog more often, but with FACEBOOK, almost everyone I know is on it...and updated family and life events happen there!
I will try to be faithful to this site from now on, since some of you don't and probably won't ever get on FACEBOOK.

This morning I set out on a journey to do what I started training to do 10 months ago...I ran my very first 1/2 marathon!

When I started this journey I couldn't even run 2 minutes non-stop...I cried my first day of training, and with supportive family & friends I continued on and trained...never giving up no matter how hard it became!!! And today...10 months later...and 30+ lbs lighter, I ran for 3 hours straight...13.1 miles GUN TIME: 3:00:27 TAG TIME: 2:59:30!

I now know I can run...and I don't hate it, so I will continue on this journey as long as the Lord allows me to, and we'll see where He leads me on this road!

Thank you to all my family & friends, for supporting me and encouraging me...I really do have the best family & friends in the world!!!

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