Sunday, November 07, 2010


Well here's the's really a shame I don't update my blog more often, but with FACEBOOK, almost everyone I know is on it...and updated family and life events happen there!
I will try to be faithful to this site from now on, since some of you don't and probably won't ever get on FACEBOOK.

This morning I set out on a journey to do what I started training to do 10 months ago...I ran my very first 1/2 marathon!

When I started this journey I couldn't even run 2 minutes non-stop...I cried my first day of training, and with supportive family & friends I continued on and trained...never giving up no matter how hard it became!!! And today...10 months later...and 30+ lbs lighter, I ran for 3 hours straight...13.1 miles GUN TIME: 3:00:27 TAG TIME: 2:59:30!

I now know I can run...and I don't hate it, so I will continue on this journey as long as the Lord allows me to, and we'll see where He leads me on this road!

Thank you to all my family & friends, for supporting me and encouraging me...I really do have the best family & friends in the world!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


We have many great opportunities to fellowship at Placerita Baptist Church, our home church, this was just an afternoon planned w/food, games & fellowship!
Dhon the photographer of the day, and uh Lori, so sorry, but this is not the most flattering angle of your pregnant look lovely though...does that help?
jump rope / hulla hoops / volley ball

Cold Deborah?
Jamie & Me & Heidi & Me

Zoo Trip April 2009

Patty, Anna & I decided to take our ankle biters to the zoo!
Even though we were out numbered 11 (one in Anna's tummy) to 3!
The kids had a great time and so did the moms!

California Condor Wing Span, the boys actually thought they could stretch as wide~silly boys!

Family shots!

Kids at the playground ~ break time!


We were doing school and a little squirrel decided to give us a show!
He was jumping to the tree then the fence then the tree again.
...but everytime I tried to take his picture this is what he would do!

If you look really close, he's got his eye on me!

Pretending not to see me! LIAR!

So we just took some pictures of us instead!
Lukas' self portrait!

We couldn't get the squirrel to act up on film, so Wyatt did!

Teacher & student!

Amy's Baby Shower

Amy had her 5th child, Ezra!
So we had an, after the baby is born, shower for her.
It was small and intimate, just her family and a few friends were there!
It was a nice time of fellowship, yummy food, and baby holding!!!


Every year, my boys, all three of them look forward to making and racing their cars at the Awana Grand Prix...this year was no different!

Wyatt won 4th place for speed.
Lukas did not win, but was happy he was finally old enough
to join in on all the fun with his brother and father!
Lukas and his participation blue ribbon!
The track!

Lori's Baby Shower

I know, Joey is now...what...9 months old??? He's worth the wait really!!!
Anyway, here she is at her baby showers, one she knew about and one she didn't!

She loves monkeys!
Then the one she knew about...
Lori, congratulations to you and Dhon, you know how much I love Joey!

See I told you Joey was worth the wait!!!

Our Wedding Anniversary

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Wyatt's Birthday

Lukas' Birthday


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